Monday, 29 August 2011


My little girl turned 8.  How very growed up!  She had an Under The Sea party.  In case you're wondering why my house looks dark and cold, it's due to the blue cellophane over the windows.

More photos to follow... but for now... GST returns.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

Hi All
The Leota children will not be attending school tomorrow (Friday).  Getting out of bed has simply not made it's way onto the agenda.  We all need a Mummy day.  Especially the Mummy!
Thanks for your understanding,

Just thought I'd share with you an email I sent my children's teachers tonight... I love that I have one day each week to do whatever I want.  And I do.  Whatever.  Because this is it.  The one life on earth I get to live.  Why waste it?  I heard on the radio that for every hour of television you watch, you shave 20 minutes off your lifespan (slightly random fact, just to enrich your life).  Now, I totally appreciate that we're eternal beings, and that those of us who know God will go to Him and live for eternity in His Kingdom... but I want to make the most of the here and now too.  It's not every day I want my kids at home - they go to an amazing school and they love it.  But tomorrow, I just want them to jump into my bed with their books and their jammies and their little warm bodies and cold feet.  And later, we're meeting friends for a picnic in the park.  La dolce vita!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Tweet Tweet

Hello my friends!  Tonight, I'm letting the pictures do the talking... ok, not all the talking.  I'll do a bit too, seeing as it's Air Your Laundry Friday!  Pop on over and check out Jami's Freckled Laundry blog - it's lovely.
This is a quilt I created for a lovely friend's baby shower.  As she didn't know the baby's gender, I wanted to make something bright and fun that would serve as a playmat or bedding.  The backing is denim and corduroy to make it durable, and the batting is an upcycled wool blanket for warmth and safety.

 This little guy's my fav - with his little wings going ninety to the dozen.  The birds are all machine appliqued, just using a straight stitch.  I wanted their edges to go fuzzy.  Even their legs are machine stitched.  The eyes, beaks and music notes were cut from knit fabric, so they won't fray. 
This entire project took about 8 - 12 hours and cost... $0.00!!  It started out as a cushion cover from my stash of bits and pieces, but grew upon coffee consumption.  Not sure what it is about coffee.  It makes me over-ambitious.  While I think about it, I'm not sure what it is about fabric, but I am compelled to hoard it.  This year I'm trying to lighten the load by having less stuff lying around to tidy up.  It's so lovely to finally use some of my fabric stash.  The only trouble is... I just went and bought a huge pile more!  Don't tell Mr Leota!