Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Falling off the Blogosphere

Hi friends!  I had no intention of not blogging for such a long time.  I've been having difficulty with my internet connection.  It's semi-fixed now but still not talking to my laptop.  Tonight, I'm blogging from our 9 year-old desktop PC.  I type, and the words show up a few minutes later.  Another tricky thing, is that we have a new wireless mouse.  It's very cute and works well, but when I tried to plug my camera in to upload the photos of all my recent projects, I discovered that I have to choose between the mouse or the camera.  There's only one port.  And you kind of need the mouse to do... umm ...absolutely everything on the computer, including uploading photos from a camera!
On the upside, I have been making so many things lately - I can't wait to share all my projects with you.  Another plus, is that my PC has all our very cute old photos on it.  I often think about blogging something, and realise the photo I want is across the living room and a 10 minute warm-up away!
Because I'm feeling a bit nostalgic, here is my baby... when she was a baby... oh how I miss having a milky sweet newborn in the house!

This little lady will be eight years old in a couple of weeks.  What a delight she is... and has been since I first heard that reassuring heartbeat, Christmas Eve 2002.  I had lain on the bed, waiting for the scan - counting dots on the ceiling and trying to hold back the tears.  That heartbeat was the only Christmas present I needed that year... my much-wanted, desperately loved second baby was alive and well.  We are truly blessed.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Blogger? What?

Okay, so I've had lots of comments on Facebook about how IMPOSSIBLE it is to leave a comment on my blog.  I'm so sorry, I have no idea why that is.  It was working last week.
So... for those of you who would like an invitation to join Pinterest, please either facebook me or email me.
Pinterest is a fantastic website, you can "pin" your ideas onto boards (which you categorise).  It's a great way of collating ideas.  I see so many ideas I want to collate, and now I can!

And in case you're thinking my blog is getting a little one-dimensional, I'm sewing on Saturday... I promise photos, morning tea, and maybe a little tutorial on whipping up a dress with no pattern.  My way.  Which is not the proper way.  Just in case my mother reads this.  Hi Mum!