Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Caution: Vacuuming Can Endanger Your Health

I'm feeling like a bit of a slob after viewing this Pinterest board.  We haven't been home much lately, and when we have, we've had birthday parties, extra kids, or just too much fun to stop and clean house.

I'm not talking general tidying - the kitchen and other high traffic areas are done on a daily basis.  Closet and storage spaces?  Disastrous.  I love tidy cupboards.  Can't stand it when a certain member of the midget brigade gets into my storage area and makes a mess.  Which he does regularly.  On that note, this is why I try not to vacuum too frequently...

Yes, this is my child biting the cord while I vacuum.  I would like to clarify that in no way is this picture posed.  He dreamed this idea up all by himself.  And the camera was right there, so naturally I took a photo before removing said cord from the child's mouth.  He is fine.  His hair seems a little spikier, and every time he touches me I get a shock, but apart from that...

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