Tuesday, 19 July 2011

You Too Could Look Like This...

...especially after a run-in with me!!! 
Not that I'm scary... much... but I do enjoy playing around with stage makeup.  I find it therapeutic, giving people black eyes, grazes, gashes and dirt.
I'm not trained and certainly no expert, but I love to learn from those who do know what they're doing.
Should you ever happen to need a recipe for fake blood, here's one we've used with great success.

Fake Blood:
Red food colouring
Liquid glucose
Dash of milk

Combine the food colouring with the liquid glucose, add a dash of milk to help with the consistency.  Don't make it too runny, try to keep it fairly thick.  A touch of brown food colouring helps darken it up nicely.

To get the real gory bits as shown above, pull strands from a cotton ball and dip into the blood using tweezers.  Then apply.  Looks like placenta.  Mmmmm!

These photos are from our Easter Event dress rehearsals.  Over the weekend, our "victims" injuries became progressively worse - we makeup chicks were having far too much fun!

Why am I posting about Easter in July?  Because I forgot to do it in April, and the photos are fun.  Fun is good.  Fun is your friend.  Relax, enjoy your life.  Go draw a moustache on someone in their sleep.  Go on, you know you want to!

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